2. RIF: 900174471-7 Cámara de Comercio de Medellín.

3. FOUNDER: JOSÉ RODRIGO CASTAÑO DÍAZ. ID Number 71.644.966 from Medellín.



  •  It’s the name of a place in the Central Andes

  •  It’s the name of stream.

  •  It’s the name of an inter-Andean valley.

  •  It is the name of a Prehispanic Indigenous Way.

  •  It is the name of a “Royal Road”.

  •  It is the name of an indigenous Pre-Columbian Cacique.

  •  It is the name of a small town.

  •  Ancestral word that means, "Sacred Water On Stone".

  •  It is a place that many of us love. 


The first action of conservation began in 1990 with a property of 120 hectares in the foothills of Cerro San José, this action carried conservation goals and gradually we integrated new properties, consolidating a biological territory and also a very strong initiative that led to the drafting of statutes that gave it legitimacy as an entity on September 21, 2006 in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín, with the name of Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla. We are currently close to holding 900 hectares of direct biological protection, in a permanent process of expansion and environmental consolidation. This year we are fulfilling 28 years of uninterrupted work. 
25 species of terrestrial and flying mammals, 172 birds species and others amphibians, insects, microorganisms, and a large amount of tree species and shrubs. 
We are a nonprofit entity, “essentially focused in the conservation of native flora and fauna in order to preserve water resources”,  protecting and restoring life and natural harmony for the benefit of the human relationship with the nature. 
9. VISION: Continue being, in Antioquia, an entity with approach and experience in protection of ecosystem services and environmental offsets through research, restoration, conservation, and expansion cloud forests, areas of high water and biological value. 
10. OUR ACTIVITIES IS BASED IN THE “RRCA”: research, restoration, conservation, and expansion the cloud forests. 
11. JURISDICTION: Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla develops its activities in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos in the town of Guanacas, parallelly protecting, with the municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos, the reserve of Cerro San José. An area of immesurable value and water and biological interest for the Municipality. The reserve of Cerro San José and Fundación Guanacas are an invaluable heritage in the Altiplano Norte Antioqueño, in the jurisdiction of Corantioquia. 
12. REPLICABILITY: Our activities of biological restoration and conservation of biological and water heritage, aims to be a replicable model in the territory of the Municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos, as in other municipalities of the department of Antioquia and the country in general; This is why we support ourselves in environmental education, in the recognition, conservation and respect of water and biological heritage, through clean production mechanisms, based on the implementation of better agricultural and agroecological techniques. Our basic and essential slogan is: - Impact local, compensate global- 
13.  FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: Our main strategy of financial sustainability and growth is planting native trees and wax palms in perpetuity, and we permanently manage alliances with companies and/or public and 
private entities at national and international level, as well as with other entities and people in general, with the aim of joining efforts in order to promote responsible, ethical and moral activities. As a non-profit entity, we manage our resources through the concept of donations, so we can deliver to the donors, their respective certificate and thus obtain tax benefits, while being responsible with society, nature and life. 

  •  Municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos: Permanent planting of native trees in perpetuity in territory between Reserve   Cerro San José and Fundación Guanacas, promoting the restoration of biological corridors.

  •  Corantioquia: planting of native trees in order to restore biological corridors and enclosure of properties

  •  HMV ingenieros: planting of native trees in perpetuity to offset the impact of civil works in construction of mini hydraulic power plants.

  •  Canal U (TV channel): Environmental education in mass and corporate media.

  •  Project “Neurona educativa”: Permanent consulting with the Municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos, to identify and rescue the municipal biological heritage through the strengthening and training of Leaders in Education and Environmental projects.

  •  Acquisition of new conservation territories: Through donations made by natural and/or legal persons.

  •  Convenio Corantioquia - EPM: Interinstitutional agreement “Seamos Legales con el Páramo”, in which we perform diagnosis and training, in order to advise and legalize the use of water used by families that are part of the different paths that make up the upper part of the Páramo de Santa Inés, (Belmira).

  •  Red Eagle Mining: Rescue of flora and fauna of the mining Project San Ramón (Santa Rosa de Osos)

  •  EPM: Planting of native species trees in 31 hectares.

  •  Nutresa: Planting of native trees as a strategy for environmental and business education. 



Due to current environmental problems and their new needs at local and global level, our objectives are: 

  1. Conservation of nature and wildlife in all forms, and also water resources in the reserve of Fundacion Guanacas

  2. Manage everything concerning the protection of water sources.

  3. Stop the expansion of the agricultural and livestock border in the properties where the Fundacion Guanacas operates.

  4. Promote the restoration of degraded lands in order to restore their biodiversity. 

  5. Recover fruit trees and shrubs from the territory  in order to recover or reintroduce the dispersed or endangered fauna and restore their populations.

  6. Ensure the conservation, recovery and care of the different river basins that are part of our territory

  7. Promote the objectives and activities of Fundación Guanacas in universities in order to implement with them studies and projects that favor the conservation and development of life in all its forms.

  8. Encourage love and respect for wildlife, in order to increase the knowledge, care and protection of nature in the inhabitants of the environment.

  9. Develop anthropological and archaeological research projects in different places near the sector where pre-Hispanic human activities have been detected in relation to roads, settlements, places of cult cultivation and burial, seeking to reconstruct the history and customs of the native inhabitants of the area.

  10. Support the schools of the sector in their pedagogical work in order to instill in children and parent’s family knowledge and skills that allow them to be more productive and competitive in the agricultural environment of which they are part without harming biodiversity.

  11. Provide training to the community in different biotechnological fields that allow them to self-manage their own productive development without damaging the ecosystem. Agroecology. 


  • Education: Instruct farming sectors through rural schools and community action boards, to lead pedagogical processes based on values that foster the care and love for nature, guaranteeing the protection of their own ecosystem for their sustenance and supply.

  • Characterization: Analysis and classification of native flora and fauna of the Guanacas mountain range and sectors of influence.

  • Restoration: Direct intervention of the Fundacion Guanacas with different experts in the topic, to direct and execute the activities of restoration and environmental recovery through the natural / assisted restoration with the planting of native trees in perpetuity.

  • Environmental offsets: Offer natural and legal persons the best obligatory or voluntary alternatives to offset any environmental damage generated by your company or organization.

  • Water: Conservation and protection water basins, in order to increase their flows.

  • Endangered species: Protection of flora and fauna, prioritizing endangered species, promoting their recovery and reproduction in their own habitats.

  • Anthropology and Archeology: Research and historical recovery of the the Guanacas mountain range, through human remains and bibliographical research.

  • Collaborative Tourism: Guided visits and programmed by the territory, for researchers in different scientific and technological fields and other fans of flora, fauna and natural landscape. 


  • Corantioquia.

  • EPM (Basic Services of Medellin)

  • Newspaper El Colombiano.

  • City Hall of the municipality de Santa Rosa de Osos.

  • Municipal Council of Santa Rosa de Osos.

  • National Ministry of Housing and Environment.

  • Secretary of Environment of the Government of Antioquia.

  • Red Eagle Mining. (Canada - Colombia).

  • Zoo Santa Fe of Medellín.

  • Municipal Planetarium of Medellín

  • Botanical garden of Medellín.

  • Makú: Environmental Corporation. University Collective.

  • Fauces: Fauna research group of CES University.

  • Organization “Por el Ambiente”.

  • AM Alternativa Ambiental.

  • Corporation “Por La Naturaleza”.

  • Fundación Salvaterra.

  • CES University. 

  • EAFIT University.

  • UPB University.

  • Antioquia University.

  • Nacional University of Colombia –  Medellín.

  • SENA.  “Mesas Ambientales del Norte”.

  • “Consejo de Cuenca de Rio Grande y Rio Chico”.

  • HMV Mini central of Guanaquitas.

  • HMV Mini central of Caruquia.

  •  Banco de Alimentos. Archdiocese of Medellín.

  • 1914 Antigüedades. Sr. Álvaro Aguilar Vanegas. 

“Water and biodiversity are faces of the same coin. How sad it must be to taste a glass of pure water in a forest without eyes in the future”.                                                                          José Rodrigo Castaño Díaz- 


Teléfono:  300 394 57 37



 Medellín - Colombia



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